Organizer: Tri at Portugal

Training Camp in Serra da Estrela

Portugal, Sabugueiro, Seia, Portugal
18-65 years
About the program

3 Stars Albergaria – Albergaria Nossa Senhora do Espinheiro, Serra da Estrela in Portugal
Middle level athlete – Ratio is 1 monitor to 5 athletes (max 8) 

Start day: Saturday, 24 of July 2021
End day: Saturday, 31 of July 2021
Wear: Swim, Cycling and Running Gear. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen and waterproof clothing.
Included: Accommodation in 3-star hotel in single or double room, all meals: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner. Training fees and monitor, sports insurance, and laundry service.
Not Included: Transfer from home to Sabugueiro-Serra da Estrela and Sabugueiro to home, bike rental and assembly. Personal Insurance.

Sports training facilities:
The bike training will be done around Serra da Estrela, but there will be some that will be done in the surrounding lands.
Swimming will be, whenever the weather leaves, at the Barragem do Rossim, about 1500m above sea level, when swimming training is not possible at Rossim, the same will be done at the pool of Gouveia.
The race will also be in Sabugueiro, tending to Trail, and on track day the training will be done in the athletics track of Seia.
Whenever there is a need to travel by car for training, it will be done through a transfer service from the hotel, where you will be staying, the price is included in the price shown.

The Venue and the place:
The Albergaria is located 5 km from Seia and is framed on the side of the covão do Urso on the northern side of the Serra da Estrela, with a stunning and unimaginable landscape over the immensity of the valley, lined by the Mondego River.Like all singular spaces of enormous beauty, Serra da Estrela is also an area of great ecological sensitivity, possessing a bio-genetic, cultural and landscape heritage, unique in our country.The magic of its landscape calls for an unprecedented visit.

The Opportunity to Practice at Altitude

day 1 – 1h running + 30m of mobility
day 2 – 1h running + 2h bike in the morning. 1 hour of swimming at afternoon
day 3 – 3h bike in the morning. 1h30 running at afternoon
day 4 – 2h bike + 30m of mobility in the morning. 1h30 of swimming
day 5 – 1h30  running series in the morning. 1h strength training at afternoon
day 6 – 1h of swimming + 3h bike +. 1h running in the morning
day 7 – 1h strength training in the morning. 2h of running + 30m of mobility at afternoon
day 8 – Duathlon
training period: +- 30h

If necessary we will have a bicycle shop, which will provide support in assembling and tuning the bicycles, this service is not included in the price presented. The value of the service is 20 euros.

The displacement of the athlete from home to the place of the training camp and from the training camp to home, is not assured by Tri at Portugal and is also not included in the price. However, if there is a group leaving the same region of the country and with the need of transportation, we can negotiate that transportation, adjusting the final value of the Training Camp.

*Tri at Portugal reserves the right to cancel the triathlon stage if the number of participants is less than the minimum of 5 Athletes
the program can be carried out with fewer athletes, but suffers a price variation. *** Dates may be changed for reasons beyond the control of Tri at Portugal. Whenever there is an impediment, a new date will be organized as soon as possible.

Rent-a-Car Ford S-Max
Rent-a-Car Renault Megan SW - 7 days
Rent-a-Car Jeep Compass - 7 days
In Our Site you can see all the information about this Training Camp. You can also send as an email, and ask any question:
Because of the altitude that you are in Serra da Estrela, an average level of skill is required, especially on the bicycle. Because the training will be done with plenty of altitude and altimetry. The race will almost always tend towards the trail, except the track day. Swimming will be done, whenever the weather allows, in the Barragem do Rossim at 1500 metres altitude