Residential Football Academy in Barcelona

Spain, Avinguda del Pla del Vinyet, 110, 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona
amateur professional
14-18 years
About the program

For whom: U16 & U18 players

Kaptiva Sports Academy is an elite residential football academy located in Barcelona & Madrid, in Spain, that has been developing U16 and U18 players since 2012.

The academy’s main goal is to offer a top inclusive annual program to talented players from all over the world, helping them reach their full potential and improve athletic performance through a fully integrated football program.           

We believe that football training, studying and living in a foreign country is an invaluable experience that helps shape young men into not only better players but also better people. The benefits of such an experience will be embedded positively into that individual.



The F.A.S.T. methodology, which stands for Football Academy System Training, has been developed over the years through Kaptiva Sports’ successful industry experience within international youth football


It provides a 360° full immersion in the methodology that creates accelerated thriving results. The team oversees the technical planning of every single drill implemented on the field. Throughout the season, the methodology is divided into various customized long-term plans composed of specific drills to reach determined objectives within the game model chosen.                

Our pro football training is conducted by our UEFA Pro Coaches who provide the unique and successful football methodology F.A.S.T. allowing players to reach their full potential and their goals. KSA coaches will work on those aspects that you need to improve; individually, technically and tactically. The football training methodology implemented by our Technical Staff is based on the principles of the Spanish football methodology.


Football development staff


  • Technical Director

  • Head Coach U19           

  • Goalkeeper Coach           

  • Head Coach U16               

  • Fitness Coach           

  • Medical Trainer



Video Analysis               

Using innovative technology, this tool allows players to visually understand their weaknesses and strengths. Giving a base to work on and improve on a daily basis, the videos are also used as a method to compare and demonstrate real level improvement.       


Former players, coaches and sports professionals will offer our players an insight into the elite and highly competitive sporting world.           

Sport Nutritionist

Guidance through which our athletes will receive nutritional counseling and education on the importance of how food and nutrition impact health and athletic performance.           

Football Reports                   

The purpose of our reports is to evaluate all players’ most relevant aspects such as; technical ability and skills, tactical awareness, physical aspects, and character traits.                   

Mental Coach               

Regular monitoring, instruction and training of psychological skills for performance improvement.



Kaptiva Sports pro football academy is located in a small town named Sant Cugat del Vallés. Sant Cugat has become an affluent suburb of Barcelona. This town has its own train station with a direct train connection to Barcelona city center.

The KSA student residence, recently built directly on the school campus, makes it the ideal boarding school environment for our players during the season.

Built exclusively for our soccer academy, the student residence is the coexisting home of all our KSA Players. The residence is located in a safe environment to further develop players’ journeys.

The resident amenities include:   
-  Double Room
-  Towels and Sheets
-  24/7 Security Staff
-  In-Suite Bathroom
-  Laundry Services



Kaptiva soccer academy believes the balance between education and athletics is essential for young players. The AESA Prep International program (i.e. accredited and NCAA Approved private college-prep school offering online educational programs for 9th through 12th-grade students) allows this balance to occur through their flexibility in adjusting, not compromising. The American curriculum is the most suitable for athletes since it’s based on credits, therefore students can plan the semesters ahead based on their sports requirements.               

Created alongside the EISB (Europe International School in Barcelona) teaching staff, which are a qualified team of educators, the AESA Prep International program is a perfect arrangement the has been tailor-made for our players.                   

Main subjects: English, Spanish, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Chemistry,, History, Arts, and foreign languages.

European International School of Barcelona will request academic grades of the past 3 years and a letter of recommendation from the player’s current place of study.        

Special request courses* (not included)

-  Scholastic achievement test.   
-  Test of english as a foreign language   
-  IELTS (International, English, Language, Testing System)
-  ESOL ( English for speakers of other languages)       



Original price of the year-long (10 months) Football Academy in Barcelona, Spain is 41.995 €       

We enroll a limited number of athletes every season, so we encourage interested student-athletes to submit an application as early as possible.

All candidates must participate in a football trial that takes place:


JUNE 1st to 3rd 2020 for boys 2006-2003 (U15-U18) in Barcelona

2) or during our football camp organized by Kaptiva Sports Academy. 

Within this time, the technical staff will be analyzing the player’s technical level during the organized pro football training sessions and matches. Attitude, commitment, and passion for the game are also considered important components of prospective Kaptiva Sports Academy players.               

Notification of the admission decision will be communicated with the candidate within the next 48 hours after the trial is computed. If offered admission to Kaptiva Sports Academy, a Services Agreement (SA) will be sent and must be filled out by the date indicated, together with the required financial deposit.

So, to be clear - if you would like to join the long-year football academy program -> please 1) make a booking on this page to show your interest in the year-long academy; and then 2) register for a football camp or check the box for a trial below ("Extras")

Football trial 1-3 June 2020 (for boys 2006-2003) in Barcelona

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Matt Landry
29 January 2020
From Kaptiva I have expected very high-level training program and to become a much better player and it’s exactly what I’ve received since coming to this program