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Sportlane enables sports camp organizers to manage sports programs, registration, and payments in the most convenient way.

Instant sign up. It is free to join and list your programs.

Sportlane partners earn more money, decrease vacant places, and have access to athletes from around the world.

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By targeting an underserved athletes, you can make more money and spend less time managing your sports programs.

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Sportlane charges a 10% commission fee on the total booking amount you receive from a guest that found you through our platform. This Sportlane commission goes towards payment processing, customer support, marketing, and other platform costs. Accordingly, you retain 90% of gross booking earnings.

A caveat: this take rate is applicable only to the short-term sports camps & programs (i.e. less than 30 days). If you host and promote long-term sports programs (more than 30 days in duration) - the commission fee will be discussed and agreed upon on the case-by-case basis with each Organiser.

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  • Publish unlimited sports programs
  • Manage bookings & registration
  • Get paid in a convenient way
  • Spare less time & earn more
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Efficient solution for sports camp organizers

With the booking, online payments, messages, and support, Sportlane saves you time and exposes your listing to wide audience of athletes.

How It Compares

Sportlane opens a door to new opportunities. You can manage everything online and be exposed to many new local and international athletes

  • Alone

    of gross income
    • need a site and payment flow
    • spent $ on marketing & customer support
    • growth depends on marketing budget
    • waste time to manage bookings
    • struggle to fill in 100% of the capacity
  • With Sportlane

    of gross income
    • online tools to create and market your listing
    • we handle payment and initial support
    • increase the occupancy rate
    • spend a few hours a month to manage bookings
    • growth is limited to the overall growth of the platform

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How does Sportlane work?

Sportlane partners with sports camp organizers from all around the world to offer a variety of sports programs to amateur and professional athletes of different skills and age.

Sportlane do its best to vet all partners willing to join the platform in the interests of the athletes.

Organizers sign up with Sportlane and create a listing that shows the sports camp(s) available to athletes.

Athletes search and book the sports program they deem to be a good fit directly on the platform, and Organizers keep 90% of the payment.

Does it cost anything to list on Sportlane?

Listing your sports camps on Sportlane is completely free. A small 10% commission fee of the total amount goes to Sportlane only once after the customer books/pays for the program.

This Sportlane commission goes towards payment processing, customer support, marketing and other platform costs.

Is my sports camp/program a fit?

We accept partners that organize and offer athletes "packaged" sports camps and programs. It means that the sports camp or program must always have a specific schedule (Start Date - End Date) and a definite price (which may vary, of course, depending on the dates and composition of the sports camp).

Sportlane is not a fit for those sports organizers which offer athletes and teams some venue (accommodation, food, etc.) but do not provide a training, i.e. basically work as hotel/accommodation businesses without specific training program and dates.

What is expected of me as a Sportlane partner??

We encourage every partner to pay attention to their sports camps listings and make them useful and informative to athletes. Please, be in touch with us and athletes, and respond to bookings and athletes inquiries within 24 hours.

Do your best to carry out an amazing sports camp or program so as participants be satisfied with the results and be happy to recommend you to others. More positive reviews - more bookings in the future.

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