GPS International Soccer Academy in Portugal

Portugal, Rua Padre António Vieira, Nº1 3000 Coimbra
42 weeks
16-18 years
About the program

Participation is only for boys U16-U19

About the football academy

Following the success of the football academies in Valencia, London, and the USA, we open a GPS Soccer Academy in Portugal in September 2019.

We welcome applications for the class of 2019, closing August 1st, 2019

This football academy will be run in partnership with, a famed Portuguese professional club side, Associação Académica de Coimbra, which will host the players at their world-class on-site facility in the beautiful city of Coimbra.

This accommodation contains up to 40 students and provides them with top-class football training and an opportunity to progress in the professional game.

The complex boasts 2 11-a-side grass and artificial pitches, a modern gym for our S&C program, a large restaurant area, and an activities area including pool tables and free wi-fi. It also contains a swimming pool and jacuzzi, 5 medical offices, a treatment room equipped with the appropriate medical devices, offices for the technical staff, laundry, linen room and support rooms.

GPS has a history of producing elite players to play at high-level US-based Colleges, GPS National Team Programs and who head on to play professionally in the US, UK and beyond. The goal Is to give young, talented players the opportunity to grow in a professionally challenging environment through pro training sessions and competitive matches. Players develop at different paces during their formative years and the GPS football academy is able to offer the support, expertise and guidance for them to fully achieve their maximum potential.

The GPS Soccer Academy in Portugal gives talented students opportunities to play in matches, tournaments and the potential to participate in football trials at professional clubs as well.

The combination of continuing your studies through our world-class online educational partner USPA or taking a One year Sports Education Degree and the opportunity to gain Portuguese Football Federation Coaching awards, will give our students the platform from which to move either into higher education or a career within the Sports sector.

The GPS Soccer Academy in Portugal will provide an incredible cultural experience for players. With its wonderful parks and gardens, fantastic gastronomy, sports culture and fabulous 20,000 student inhabitants, Coimbra is a perfect location.

With only 20 spaces open in total - enquire now to secure your space

What about soccer training facilities?

The GPS football academy is privileged to be based at the house of the Académica.

This base provides a perfect environment to study, prepare, relax and reflect both in terms of the quality of its staff, equipment, and facilities.

This Academica House boasts onsite a natural grass field and synthetic field, independent spas and a fully equipped gymnasium and wonderful swimming pool to relax and use for cooldowns, a modern gym for our S&C program,.

At GPS and Academica, we know the importance of food in the life of an athlete and that is why we offer a complete Mediterranean diet with all the necessary dietary contributions and nutrients needed for the development of the physical activity and overall athletic performance.


Excellent comfortable accommodation at Academica. All rooms are exterior with large windows to enjoy the bright sun of Portugal and all are equipped with heating and air conditioning. All rooms have full bathrooms and are equipped with television and desks and include laundry and cleaning service, allowing the student-athlete a comfortable environment to study and relax

GPS Soccer Academy and Valencia CF

GPS and Valencia FC have forged a relationship where Valencia FC has become the International Technical Partners of GPS outside of North America.Three times per year GPS students in Portugal will have football training sessions under the watchful eye of the Valencia FC coaches for 3 days.

Football academy players will also play in a tournament in Spain competing against professional academies in Spain.

US Performance Academy (USPA)

Global Premier Soccer is delighted to partner with US Performance Academy (USPA). USPA provides first-class academics for our athletes training the International Academy in Portugal.

USPA is an accredited private, online, middle & high school created for high-performance athletes. USPA is designed for young athletes looking for a school that supports their unique schedule, creates a pathway towards their personal, professional, and athletic goals, and leverages the latest technology for an on-the-go environment. The online curriculum allows for a flexible school schedule and academic calendar

Who are the Coaches?

GPS Portugal Director of Coaching and General Manager Francisco Baptista will work alongside Miguel Carvalho U19 Technical Director at Associação Académica de Coimbra to ensure the delivery of a top-class curriculum & football training methodology.

What courses can I study while with the academy?

Academy Students aged 18 who have completed high school, will complete the following courses:

• Portuguese Football Federation Level 1 Coaching Award

• 1-year Football Education Degree at the University of Coimbra or CEFADAcademy

Students aged 16 and 17 who would be going into their Junior Year of high school, will study the online courses they choose to follow with our partners USPA as described above.

What else will the International Soccer Academy offer to ensure a professional experience?

To succeed in soccer, details matter – GPS knows this, as a highly professional youth soccer organization partnered with STELLAR USA. Everything within the four main pillars of the game (technical, tactical, physical and psychological) will be scrutinized to ensure this is the most rewarding professional experience for the Student /Athlete. With a particular focus on Technical capacities, individual Tactical behavior and collective tactical behavior, we will create an environment in which players are sure to flourish.

Sports Performance Program

At the GPS Soccer Academy, we understand that every player is different and has different needs. Through new technologies, the staff will analyze each player's performance to ensure the improvement of the players.

What about transport in Coimbra?

GPS staff uses both staff Minibuses and cars to transport players within Coimbra. The Academy is located within walking distance from Coimbra downtown.

Sports Psychology

We understand that Studying and Living abroad will also bring its stresses. Our staff will provide a dedicated 24-hour C.A.R.E support program to ensure mentally student/athletes have the best opportunity to focus, develop and perform at their optimum level

What exit options will there be?

Many international players who travel to Europe come here with the intention of progressing into professional soccer. We are here to assist players in this process. We cannot guarantee contracts with professional clubs, however, we do give numerous opportunities to be noticed by high-level clubs. We play regular exhibition games against professional academies, utilizing a vast list of contacts in the professional game. International players will also be notified of football trial events they can attend in Portugal, England or elsewhere in Europe. Outside of this, we can offer routes into semi-professional football in Europe combined with either a Sports Management or Coaching role.

Can you provide assistance in getting placed back in the US?

International players who are keen on a US scholarship will be assisted while attending our London-based academy with their SAT preparation, video package, and NCAA/NAIA eligibility. GPS Scholarship will be able to assist in• Video packaging• Individual player profiling• NCAA/NAIA eligibility assistance• SAT guidance• Showcase attendance (the US coaches in

Does the academy pick players up from the airport on arrival?

Yes, the football academy staff will pick up players from either of the two main airports in Lisbon and Porto. Lisbon is approx 2 hours south of Coimbra whilst Porto is approx 1 hour North. The academy staff will then bring you to the Academica House at Associação Académica de Coimbra

Cost and duration of the program

1 Year course

August 10, 2020 – May 30, 2021 (Two weeks Christmas Break)

Cost - $35,000.00

Deposit - $7,500.00 ($27,500 to be paid in 10 monthly installments)

2 Year course

August 10, 2020 – May 30, 2021 (Two weeks Christmas Break)

Cost - $42,500.00 per year

Deposit - $7,500.00 ($35,000 to be paid in 10 monthly installments)

Transfer from the Porto or Lisbon airport to the Academy (Coimbra)